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Updated 11-13-11

Sphere Inventory SSTC Components


The ECW series caps are metallized polypropylene (self-healing) and are designed for applications where high frequency & high pulse are required.  I've been using these in mmc's for 10 years with great results.

210-14 Cap.jpg (79911 bytes)            210-15 Caps.jpg (102632 bytes)             0.01678uF mmc  Here's an MMC using 105 of these caps

Mars Pathfinder Caps - 5kV 4700pF, 10 pieces, each has its own plastic box with both having matching serial numbers, the second Pathfinder photo below is a head-on shot of a cap where the serial number is stamped.  4/5" square.  The rest of these are sitting on Mars.  Could be a cool component for a project.  Make Offer.


Pathfinder                                                                     Observer

Mars Observer Caps - 10kV 560pF, 10 pieces.  The others were ground to pieces in an unfortunate collision with Mars due to a measurement conversion error.  Each cap and its box have matching serial numbers.  Make Offer.         

He Ne Laser Tubes with external mirrors - $20.00 each



Red Ranger - Life Size

Texas Instruments Transponders

Part # RI-TRP-RRHP, 200 pcs in stock, $5.00 each

Tubes/Spark Gaps    Check out Leeds for tubes & other rare parts



Antique Flux meter - WY0023 Flux meter No. 1, complete, original and in beautiful condition. Stamped 'Made In England'.  Used for measuring the magnetic flux of magnets.  I've been searching for another one for around 8+ without result.  The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum has some reference material on one used by the British Army but no meter.  I can't even find a museum or collector that has one of these.  Manufacture date unknown but I think it is from the late 1920's to 1930's.  This is a very rare meter and it would be nice for it end up in a museum or collection.  Click on a photo number.  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9

Lichtenberg Figures -  Stoneridge Engineering now offers 19 sizes and styles of Lichtenberg Figures ranging from affordable 2" x 2" through huge 12" x 12"  x 1" museum quality specimens. Unfortunately, a commercial source for Lichtenberg Figures, Acsion, in Canada, no longer produces them. However, these are still available from Stoneridge Engineering


A physical experiment which makes a bang is always worth more than a quiet one.  Therefore a man cannot strongly enough ask of Heaven:  If it wants to let him discover something, may it be something that makes a bang.  It will resound into eternity.  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg 1742-1799.

Table Easels for the Artist

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