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Site dedicated to Nikola Tesla


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     The purpose of this site is to document my research and to inspire others.

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I, John F. Cooper III, assume no responsibility for anyone who injures and/or kills themselves or others, no matter how many others are killed, maimed or mutated (especially if you wax the entire audience) by trying to implement any of the illustrated technologies. Don't blame me for your poor lab procedure & safety habits. High voltages are exceptionally dangerous, and none of the material on this site is intended or should be used to provide instruction in the correct procedures for building, constructing or operating high voltage circuitry or devices of any description (50V has been known to cause death!). And, DO NOT expose any people with pacemakers or other electronic medical equipment to any device described on this web without warning, have posted & verbal cautions. It is the responsibility of the individual experimenter to ensure the safety of his or her own self, the equipment, and others.

Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil
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